Saturday, January 17, 2009

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How to Save the Earth

Can anything you do really matter to the Earth? On a universal scale,
no. The Earth will keep on spinning, evolving and sustaining life no
matter what humans choose to do. There's much to do, however, to
reduce the pressure on our Big Blue Marble's limited resources.

Step to save the earth:


Consume less. Everything people do, including eating (especially meat), watering lawns, heating homes and driving cars, consumes resources. Everything people buy requires resources to produce and ship. Be conscious of all the small decisions you make in your everyday life that increase the total human impact on the planet.


Learn what types of fish are in danger of being overfished and don't buy them at the store or order them in restaurants.


Consider driving a smaller or hybrid car. Of course, buying a new car equals more consumption, so approach this issue with some caution. But if you're already looking for a new car, get one that's energy efficient.


Support international agreements to limit the output of greenhouse gases. Reduce your own energy use as much as possible


Downsize your life.


Buy organic food. Pesticides take a toll on the environment and frequently spawn pesticide-resistant pests. Buying organic food directly from the growers supports small farms and promotes biodiversity.


Lend your energy to protecting the drinking water supply on both micro and macro levels. Access to and availability of clean drinking water is a growing global crisis. Cut back on personal water use with water-wise gardens and promote development of sound water policies in your town or region.

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