Sunday, April 5, 2009

the adventures of "lone rangers" _part "trekking-day 2"

cave exploring
-Kota Gelanggi, Jerantut
-early in the morning..hehe
cave exploring is the best activity ever..we can see the beautiful view of God creation, the cave..there were many unusual shape of rock that form in the cave..mona lisa's potrait, lion shape, elephant's head, the emperor, huge sword, full shape elephant, and many more... too much talking.. let's see the pictures..hehehe

before exploring the between two rocks...huhu
Gua Sanding....
in this cave, we can see a couple were married. that's why the call it Gua Sanding..
cold waer in the cave..huhu

lion shape rock..
form after milion years. it can't be touch. because the rock is still growing. it called 'kristal putih'. it wll grom several mm in 60 years.

beautiful shape.....
middle of nowhere.... elephant's head....

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